My love of photography began right out of high school when….

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I, my wife, and our kids moved to Olney, IL in 2011 and have been a part of this community ever since. We regularly attend church at the Olney Free Methodist Church and have made many wonderful friends since moving here.

My love of photography began right out of high school when I was given a SLR camera for graduation. I took lots of pictures and learned a lot. My passion for photography didn’t come until some years later, after taking lots of different types of photos. When I started getting comments from people that I should take pictures for them, I really began to dig in and to try to learn all I could. I began shooting stock photography (generic photos used in advertising, websites, etc.), and then began shooting portraits and seniors in 2005 and I ventured into weddings in 2006. I took a brief hiatus after our move to southern Illinois, but we are back to shooting again.

I take great pride in what I do and I truly feel very privileged and honored when someone hires me to take any type of pictures for them. That means that they have seen my work, appreciated it, and sought me out to have me create images for them, whatever the occasion. That’s a pretty humbling feeling (and yes, a bit of an ego boost). 🙂

As you look through the pictures on my site, one thing you’ll want to note is that I love black and white photographs. They are interspersed with the color photographs throughout every section of my website. Black and white photos just speak to me. They scream of character, mood, and soul. If you don’t like black and white photography, please tell me ahead of our session so I am sure to not edit any photos that way. If, on the other hand, you love black and white and want more (or all) of your photos done that way, then please tell me that also. For me, I like a good mixture, but everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

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